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LatonyaRotly | 22/03/2018

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After a long time

Anil Kumar | 13/03/2017

Its been a long time since I had a conversation with Yogesh Master. I interacted with him during the days of Orkut and after that slowly lost touch. Now after reading some news on the net, I suddenly remembered him!


riyaz | 02/09/2013

mostly u hv forgotten


Shrikanth G Kashyap | 05/06/2013

Hello Sir,
This is really a very good blog and has a very good message, but need to promote this page and reach this to international level... Let me start it with your permission...

Shrikanth G Kashyap


subramanya | 20/09/2012

Hello sir, this is one of ur student named subramanya.. studied in SFS school.. Its my pleasure to have a master like u.. Its u who carved my life.. I'm very happy to have a look into ur web.. Its awsome sir... Really great sir hatsoff to u sir...

Re: appreciations

subramanya | 06/06/2015

Hi... its very nice to read from you... pls call when u r free 0n 8880660347


yogi | 24/06/2011


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