Yogesh Master

Yogesh Master

A simple introduction to Yögèsh master would be to call him “multi talent personified”. His interest in art and literature spreads over various dimensions like music, dance, acting so on so forth.

His basic interest initially started of with various aspects of literature. He has shown keen interest and talent in scripting many interesting and innovative stories, novels, articles for magazines, theatrical play-scripts etc. As such his first collection of poems known as ‘Bhaghna Hridaya” got published when he was 16 years old. One of his very popular stories called “Samanantara Rekhegalu” was published in the Kannada weekly ‘Taranga’.  It was very popular in those days for its influence on reuniting many broken families of the readers. Now he is a author of hundreds of novels and short stories and he has thousands of poems and songs.

Another area of interest being music, he had his training under music guru Smt. Kamalamma. His music composition mainly comprises of ballet and light music. His first musical album release was in the name “Jo Jo Lali”  a collection of Kannada lullabies. Later he brought out many music albums like Antarakshi, Bhoomi, Sitara etc.

He started his career as a school teacher as such he is known as “Yogesh master”. He worked as a school teacher for 16 years. Apart from taking up the regular subjects he took up directing and promoting culture activities. He also took up the role of a family counselor with regards to family issues.

He is also a trained dancer who had the privilege of learning Bharatnatyam under Guru U.K Arun and Smt. Radha Amarnath. His choreography mainly consists of contemporary form of dance. He composed hundreds of Ballets in Indian classical, western and contemporary dance forms.

He has written and directed several theatrical plays in Kannada and English. He concentrates on giving utmost importance to spiritual and social awareness in his plays.

He made films not only to entertain the people but propagate social awareness in society. If we look at Nale baruvudu matte which is about de-addiction of drugs, Ananda Vana is about saving trees and Kshameyirali is all about the personal confession in one’s life. 

Yogesh master is known as Guruji or Jee as he is also known for baptizing numerous people into theatrical activities. He is a theatrical Guru for hundreds of artists still working in theater, small screen and silver screen.